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    27th December 2018 - TrustMeds Australia provides the most efficient info about medicines. If you are not still informed about the many options of Cialis or Viagra, then you should be very attentive to the many detailed description of the Cialis effects. Do not miss this chance to try out the coolest possibility to enrich your knowledge about the drugs.


    The website of TrustMeds Australia is a very welcoming and user friendly page, presenting a lot of helpful and intriguing articles about real and genuine medicines. You can easily leave a comment, suggestions or any other related info to the topic. The Cialis subject is one of the most popular themes. For various reasons, over time, every man has problems with potency. However, thanks to the modern drug Cialis, the representatives of the stronger sex can forever forget about erectile dysfunction. The tool is available in the form of tablets, the active ingredient of which is tadalafil. The drug will allow for a short period of time to restore the fighting ability to sexual intercourse. At the same time, the duration of action of tablets reaches 36 hours.


    It is recommended to abstain from using tablets in men who have hypersensitivity to tadalafil. Also, the drug is contraindicated for all minors. In addition, Cialis can not be applied to those men who are treated for angina by using organic nitrates, because the tablets for potency can enhance the effect of these funds. It is also desirable to refrain from taking the drug to persons suffering from heart disease. The result of taking Cialis is fantastic. It is enough to take just one pill before having sex so that the erection becomes as in youth. In this case, the duration of sexual intercourse will be at least 40 minutes. The effect of consuming 20 mg of the drug will be observed for three days. The miraculous result of the use of Cialis tablets is accompanied by a slight side effect in some men. Taking the drug may cause mild headaches and signs of dizziness. Also in rare cases, the use of tablets contributes to the appearance of general fatigue, facial flushing, pain in the lower back and irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes. If the duration of an erection after taking the pill exceeds 4 hours, then you should seek medical help in order to avoid damage to the tissues of the penis.


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